How Dropbox for Business helps USA Gymnastics perform flawlessly

USA Gymnastics and Dropbox for Business

For USA Gymnastics, great teamwork and execution aren’t just important in competition — they’re also critical behind the scenes. As the sole national governing body for the sport of gymnastics in the US, the organization selects and trains the men’s and women’s gymnastics teams for Olympic Games and World Championships, and supports national gymnastics programs at all levels.

To coordinate all their plans and materials across the organization — and across the country — USA Gymnastics used to rely on emails, shared drives, and file servers. But a wakeup call a few years ago made them reevaluate whether those methods were secure and sustainable. Just after a big championship competition wrapped up, the events team accidentally overwrote hundreds of files on the server, and all changes that had been made were lost.

The organization realized that a more secure and reliable system for sharing files would help them stay on top of their game, especially if their super-mobile team could easily access and edit files while traveling. Now, USA Gymnastics employees rely upon Dropbox for Business to access venue diagrams, schedules, travel spreadsheets, TV timetables, and more — whether they’re at the arena or in the office — and they can make edits on the spot.

“A lot of our people are working 24/7 during international events,” said Jeff Smith, Managing Director of Events and Technology at USA Gymnastics. “To have access to our file base right on our phones and be able to pull up documents anytime is extremely helpful.”

And like all great athletes, USA Gymnastics learned from its past performance — strong versioning support and reliable file recovery were must-have features. With Dropbox for Business as the central place to store documents, there’s never any question about which files are the most recent versions. Plus, employees can easily access deleted files and revert back to previous versions, without burdening the IT department.

Now that they don’t have to worry about file storage or sharing, USA Gymnastics can tackle any event that comes their way — including the Olympics. All throughout the 2012 London Olympic Games, Dropbox for Business was there alongside the team. “Dropbox was a huge resource for the organization, allowing us to share documents and information during our competitions and between staff who were working in London and stateside,” said Smith.

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