Go paperless with Dropbox-connected apps

Paperwork. If you’re like most people, the mere mention of that word sends a chill up your spine. Not only does it represent the kind of work we dread having to get through, it also conjures up images of jammed printers and overflowing filing cabinets. Luckily, a number of innovative software developers are tackling the paper problem head on, creating apps that make digitizing documents simple. So let’s take a look at just a few of the third-party apps that work with Dropbox to help you go paperless at work.

Xpenditure Dropbox integration Xpenditure (iOS, Android, Web)
Putting together expense reports can be a hassle, but this app makes “receipt to accounting” management a breeze. Add a picture of your receipt to the Xpenditure folder in your Dropbox, and the expense will be added automatically. Xpenditure reads data on the receipt, after which you can create an expense report and have it saved to your Dropbox.

Scanner Pro Dropbox integration Scanner Pro (iOS)
If you’ve got a mountain of paper that you’d love to toss, this handy app turns your iPhone or iPad into a portable scanner. Just snap a picture of a document, and Scanner Pro will automatically detect edges, adjust the image, and upload a PDF to your Dropbox. You’ll be sending reams of paper through the shredder in no time.

DocuSign Dropbox integration

DocuSign (iOS, Android, Web)
Contracts and other legal documents used to mean the drudgerous process of printing, signing, faxing, waiting for a countersignature, and filing. DocuSign changes all of that, letting you send and sign legally binding documents electronically. And you can connect it to Dropbox, letting you easily upload a file and send it out for signature in minutes.

While paperwork might always be with us, these Dropbox-connected apps will go a long way toward helping your office go paperless.

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