Get early access to view-only permissions for shared folders

Today we’re excited to give Dropbox for Business customers early access to one of our most commonly requested features for shared folders: view-only permissions. You can now grant shared folder members the ability to view but not edit folder contents.

Sometimes you have a large group of people — like the sales team — who need to view content in a shared folder, but only a few people — like the regional leads — who need to make edits to files. With view-only permissions, everyone has access to the latest version but editors can keep control over content.

Wondersauce, a digital design agency, uses view-only permissions to collaborate better with clients. “It’s often helpful to let our clients see work-in-progress files and provide feedback for us along the way, but we’re the only ones who need to actually edit the designs. With view-only permissions, we can maintain better control and still make sure our clients are viewing the latest version,” creative director Eric Mayville explains.

View-only permissions for shared folders

Dropbox for Business admins can turn on this new feature for their team in the Admin Console. You can also learn more about how view-only permissions work here. We love hearing from customers, so be sure to send us your feedback through the Admin Console as well.

If you’re not yet a Business customer, start a trial to get immediate access, or sign up here to be notified when we roll out view-only permissions to all Dropbox for Business users.