Stay in touch: 4 Dropbox-connected apps for communication

Communication is a cornerstone of any working relationship. And the farther team members are spread out across headquarters, regional and international offices, and living rooms, the more important effective communication tools become.

There’s no shortage of apps that can help your team chat, hold meetings, and collaborate, and we’ve picked out a few of our favorites. Best of all, these apps connect to Dropbox to let you share everything you’re working on with everyone you’re working with — making Dropbox for Business an even smarter tool for getting things done.

Cisco WebExCisco WebEx Meetings (iOS)

Face-to-face doesn’t necessarily mean in-person anymore. With WebEx Meetings, you can hold a video conference anywhere, with high-quality two-way video and document sharing. The WebEx Meetings app lets you choose a file from your Dropbox and share it with other meeting attendees instantly.

UberconferenceUberConference (Web)

Conference calls used to be a juggling act, but no more. UberConference does away with PINs, questions about who joined, and distracting background noise, so you can hold stress-free calls. With UberConference linked to your Dropbox, you can quickly give everyone in your meeting access to files.

HipchatHipChat (iOS)

The more people you have on an email thread, the quicker it can get unruly. With HipChat, you can wrangle conversations into chat rooms for individual projects, teams, or entire departments. Connect your Dropbox account and share any of your files in the HipChat iOS app.

SlackSlack (iOS, Web)

Chances are your team communicates in a number of different places. Slack gives everyone a single place for discussion, one that’s instantly searchable and available everywhere. Paste a shared Dropbox link, and Slack will automatically import the file into your conversation.

Staying connected can be one of the hardest parts of getting work done, but with these apps, you can keep the lines of communication open across your team.

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