Make your masterpiece: 4 Dropbox-connected apps built for the media industry

If you create films, TV shows, music, or books, Dropbox gives you the perfect place to bring together projects large and small. And with over 300,000 apps that can be connected to Dropbox, it’s easy to access your files in all the services you already rely on. Here are just a few to get you started:

Vimeo logo

Vimeo (Web)

Vimeo lets filmmakers showcase their work to a passionate community of video fans. Once you connect Dropbox to your Vimeo account, you can select files to upload individually or have videos automatically uploaded from the folder of your choice.

Final Draft Writer logo

Final Draft Writer (iPad)

The top-selling software for script creation comes to the iPad for screenwriting on the go. Format your script to industry standards, add notes, and track revisions. Keep your FDX files synced with Dropbox to easily jump back and forth between your iPad and computer.

Fotolia logo
(Web, iOS)

Fotolia is a leading resource for royalty-free images, graphics, and HD videos, with a library of over 32 million items. Connecting your accounts lets you download images directly to your Dropbox so you can easily back up your Fotolia purchases.

Wiredrive logo

Wiredrive (Web)

Managing and presenting media is easy with Wiredrive. Use it to share digital assets, review work, create presentations, and gather feedback. You can easily import files directly from your Dropbox for extra-fast uploads.

The media industry moves fast, but with these Dropbox-connected apps you can keep pace and bring your creations to the world.

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