New admin features, now available in early access

Update (March 30, 2016): Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) support on iOS and Android is now available through our early access program. To learn more, visit our Help Center.

Update (February 25, 2016): Sign in as user is now available for all Dropbox Business and Dropbox Enterprise users via the Admin Console.
Sign in as user screenshot

Update (January 5, 2016): Suspended user state and custom branding are now available for all Dropbox Business and Dropbox Enterprise users via the Admin Console.
Screenshot of suspended user state

Yesterday at Dropbox Open, we announced three new admin features we’re making available to Dropbox Business and Enterprise customers through our early access program. We’re excited to offer IT teams these features to help them protect and manage their accounts, and today we want to give you a closer look.

First up is suspended user state, which gives admins greater control and flexibility when offboarding users. When an employee leaves the company, admins will now have the ability to disable the user’s access to their account while preserving their data and sharing relationships to keep company information safe. Admins can later reactivate or permanently delete the account if they need to.

With sign in as user, team admins with all available permissions can now log in to a user’s account to access their files and sharing settings. If someone is out of the office and team members need last-minute access to one of their work files, team admins can step in to keep projects moving forward. They can also ensure that company policies are met by performing audits or modifying sharing settings directly in a user’s account. With file-level audit trails of all sign-in activity, IT teams can maintain complete visibility into how the functionality is being used.

Additionally, we’re introducing custom branding, which lets you easily add a company logo to the header of shared link pages for increased brand consistency. This way, clients, customers, partners, and other file recipients can quickly identify that the information they’re seeing is coming from your company.

Screenshot of shared link page with custom branding

These security features are now available in early access for both Dropbox Enterprise and Dropbox Business customers. To try them out for yourself, check out our early access page.

We’re also excited to announce that Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) will be rolling out to all Dropbox Business and Enterprise customers in Q1 2016. We first announced EMM in June, and look forward to helping more businesses give their teams safe access to work on their mobile devices.