3 ways Smart Sync makes your team more productive

Folders and files stored locally and online-only with Smart SyncHas your team ever been forced to delete dozens of docs, spreadsheets, and images simply to free up space on their computers? Or have they declined a shared folder because it might take up too much space? Choices like these are necessary evils: the busywork they need to do before the real work they want to do.

But what if you could cut most of that busywork out? We built Smart Sync to help you save time and get to the tasks that count. Here are three ways Smart Sync can make your team more productive.

1. Spend less time managing space

A user sets a folder to be stored online-only using Smart Sync.It’s a common situation for an admin: a couple employees just ran out of space on their computers, and now they’ve come to you to help solve the problem. Maybe you buy them bigger hard drives, get them new computers, or at least move a chunk of files to an external hard disk. It doesn’t help that many modern laptops make it difficult to upgrade storage.

Smart Sync can save your team all this hassle. Smart Sync lets your employees store files locally or online-only, allowing them to quickly get back space when they’re running out—or avoid the problem altogether. No matter how they choose to store their files, your team can still see everything as they normally would, right from their desktops.

2. Share without limits

A user shares a folder with Dropbox.Sometimes, a colleague wants to share a giant folder with your whole team, complete with past launch videos and hundreds of creative assets. Unfortunately, all that content can quickly clog up your team’s hard drives, creating a logjam for collaboration.

With Smart Sync, you can choose to make all new content start out as online-only, ensuring the files won’t take up space on your team’s computers. So when someone wants to share a full project archive, or a handful of HD videos, your team can accept the invitation worry-free. As colleagues continue to share over time, employees can get better access to the collective knowledge of the team, right from their desktops.

3. Works for everyone on your team

Smart Sync working on both Mac and WindowsIn a perfect world, everyone on your team would have the exact same computer, with the exact same operating system. But chances are you have some people on four-year-old PCs running Windows 7, a designer running Yosemite on an aging MacBook, and only a handful of people on new machines with the latest software.

We designed Smart Sync to work across platforms and all Mac and Windows operating systems supported by Dropbox. If your team has a Dropbox Business account, you’re ready to go—no team-wide updates or upgrades needed.

We want to reduce the busywork and help your team get back to the real work. Learn more about Smart Sync and try it with your team today.
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