How personalizing the customer experience can strengthen your sales


Illustration for blog post on personalizing the customer experience

With the web and social media’s ever-growing presence, your customers are more informed than ever. They’re experienced at competitive bidding and focused on value over price. They compare offerings and ask friends for personal experiences. And 3 out of 4 expect sales reps to understand their individual needs.1

Today’s customers expect sales teams to:

  • Act like a trusted advisor
  • Be available around the clock
  • Provide the same service in every interaction

That’s why sales teams perform better when they personalize the customer experience. In fact, high-performing sales teams are 2.8x more likely to believe that their companies are focused on personalizing customer interactions.2

So how can sales teams get a more comprehensive view of their customers? The secret is partnering with other teams. There are three ways that Dropbox Business makes collaboration easier than ever:

  1. Easy sharing: Send pitch decks and contracts to your prospects via shared links, and rest assured that they’ll update automatically if you make last-minute changes.
  2. Smooth follow-up: See who’s viewed your files and when, so you know when to follow up.
  3. Rock-solid security: Protect sensitive information with enterprise-grade security features.

When your teams work together, your business sees higher customer satisfaction, increased employee time savings, and shorter project cycles. “With Dropbox Business’ flexibility, I can easily add a user at a moment’s notice or make a client’s life easier by sharing art in a folder,” said Martin Wall, President & Owner at Martin Sign Company. “That scalability has allowed us to grow a lot faster than I thought was possible as a small business.”

To learn how Dropbox Business can help you deliver the experience your customers want, check out our eBook, Sell smarter: Tips to streamline sales workflows and improve customer experience.

1 “The New Age of Ecosystems,” 2015, IBM Institute for Business Value
2 “State of Sales: Insights and Trends From Over 3,100 Global Sales Trailblazers,” 2016, Salesforce