Dropbox Showcase available to teams, along with new functionality

Animated screenshot showing a logo, title, and header image being created in Dropbox Showcase

Last fall, we introduced Dropbox Showcase, a new way to present and track your work, all in one place. We originally launched this feature to individuals on our Professional plan and Business users through our early access program. Today, we’re rolling it out to all Dropbox Business Advanced and Enterprise teams—and adding new functionality to help you more easily create, customize, and control your showcases.

Over the past few months, we’ve been gathering feedback from Dropbox Business teams with early access to Showcase. Their input has helped us refine Showcase and improve it with the new functionality we’re introducing for both team admins and showcase creators.

Advanced controls for admins

With Showcase now rolling out to Dropbox Business Advanced and Enterprise teams, providing the control admins need is a top priority. Admins can now manage team-wide settings, with the ability to enable Showcase, allow external sharing, and set default download permissions for viewers of your team’s showcases. You’ll also be able to track detailed Showcase usage for your team in the activity log.

Screenshot of Dropbox Showcase admin controls

Refinements for showcase creators

The new functionality we’ve added to Showcase will make sharing your work simpler and more effective. Here’s what you’ll see:

  • Download button. Recipients will now see a button that will allow them to download all the files included in your showcase as a zip file. It saves the hassle of grabbing files one by one, and it’s the perfect way to send a large batch of final deliverables to a client.
  • Section headers. You can now insert text boxes to break up individual sections and better tell the story of your presentation.
    Animated screenshot showing a section header being added in Dropbox Showcase
  • Drag-and-drop uploads. Quickly add files to your showcase by dragging and dropping files from your computer. They’ll also be copied into a “Showcase uploads” folder in your Dropbox for safekeeping.
  • Showcase copying. Reuse one of your existing showcases by making a duplicate. It’s ideal for sending the same presentation to another audience or using a showcase as a template for new ones.
    Animated screenshot showing a showcase being copied in Dropbox Showcase
  • Recipient previews. Make sure your showcases look exactly the way you want them to before sharing them. The new “Preview” button lets you see what your client or other recipients will see, with both desktop and mobile preview options.

These new Showcase features are available starting today for all Dropbox Business Advanced and Enterprise teams. Dropbox Professional users can also take advantage of the new showcase creator refinements. To manage Showcase settings for your team, visit the admin console. And if you haven’t already, be sure to create your first showcase today.