Introducing Dropbox Smart Sync and new collaboration tools

Better teams make better businesses. But as teamwork has become more fluid, our tools haven’t kept up. Instead of bringing teams together, they’re siloing the content those teams create. Let’s face it—collaboration has become a chore. We want to bring back the joy of working together. As we head into the next chapter of file sync and share, we’re excited to announce new features that make collaboration simple and efficient.

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New ways to secure data while your team creates on Dropbox Paper

Last August, we announced the open beta for Dropbox Paper, a flexible workspace designed to help teams grow ideas together, from start to finish. To help admins protect company data while their teams collaborate and share docs, we extended core AdminX controls from Dropbox Business to Paper. Today, we’ll take a closer look at how these new tools give Dropbox Business customers more visibility and control over the way company info is accessed and shared in Paper.

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Predictions for working in the cloud in 2016

As the new year approaches, many people in the industry are wondering what’s next for cloud computing in the business world. It’s a conversation you hear in the halls at Dropbox nearly every day—and the striking thing is how many of the ideas you’ll hear are about the impact of the cloud on the way people work together. And this is exactly where I see the cloud going in 2016.

Cloud computing has been successful because it gives companies a better way to operate. It empowers us to be more flexible, and makes change easier. Over the past few years,

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News Corp chooses Dropbox for enterprise-wide collaboration

News Corp is home to many storied brands including The Wall Street Journal, HarperCollins Publishers, and digital real estate service, to name just a few. What do all these businesses have in common—besides each being industry leaders? They’re all highly collaborative. For example, reporters must interact with sources, editors, photographers, and copy editors all before an article is published.

To make it easier for its 25,000-plus employees globally to work together, News Corp decided to roll out Dropbox across the organization. “It allows people to collaborate around all file types within the organization and with external partners,” says Global Chief Information Officer Dominic Shine.

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