The Next Web Hack Battle Dropbox API winners

Last week I traveled to Amsterdam for The Next Web Europe conference and Hack Battle hackathon. Dropbox sponsored the Hack Battle and awarded a prize for the most creative use of the Dropbox API.

TNW Hack Battle

The winner of the Dropbox prize was Paratrooper, an app for sharing photos from a particular location. The members of the winning team were all from the Netherlands: Jan Deelstra, Tom de Vries, Luuk Hartsema, and Lars Bekkema. The winning team’s day job is at HackerOne, where they work with friendly hackers to help organizations like Yahoo, Twitter, Dropbox, and even government agencies detect vulnerabilities in their own technology.

Paratrooper team

Here’s how the team describes their hack:

We wanted to build Paratrooper because it’s always a big hassle to manually collect all photos taken by you and your friends at a party, festival, or any other event you attend. Paratrooper automatically collects photos taken at the same location, during a certain time span. All photos taken with our app are automatically uploaded to a Shared Folder in Dropbox, where every contributor can collect the photos he or she likes.


Congrats to Paratrooper!

The overall winner of The Next Web Hack Battle also chose to integrate Dropbox into their hack. Dropshop is an website where you can pick a file from Dropbox and sell it online. Dropshop was built by Kay Vink, Dana Majid, and Samuel Beek.


Congratulations to everyone who participated in TNW Hack Battle and thanks to everyone who built a Dropbox hack.