Upcoming events for the Dropbox Developer Platform

Join the Dropbox Developer Platform team for lots of upcoming events:

Xerocon Melbourne Dev Day
August 12
Come see our own Josh Sandberg speak about using the Dropbox APIs to store, sync, and share data for 3rd party developers and in-house IT.

That Conference
August 10 – 12
Smart watches are a new fun toy for developers. Check out Steve Marx, product manager for the Dropbox Developer Platform, showing off what developers can do with the Pebble watch and the Dropbox API.

We’ll also be stopping by several upcoming hackathons to join lots of developers in hacking on the Dropbox APIs. Join us for Hack Out West in Gothenburg, Sweden (Aug 11 – 12), Hack the North at the University of Waterloo in Canada (Sept 18 – 20), and HackZurich in Switzerland (Oct 2 – 4).

Hope to see you there!