Important: Update your Core API app for iOS 9

If you’re using the Dropbox Core SDK for iOS, there’s a small, but important, change you’ll need to make to your app to get it working with iOS 9.

iOS 9 requires your app to pre-register application schemes it intends to call. For Dropbox, you’ll need to add the scheme dbapi-2 to your list of allowed schemes like so:

  • Open your YourApp-Info.plist file and add the key, LSApplicationQueriesSchemes.
  • Under LSApplicationQueriesSchemes, add a new item with the value dbapi-2.

It should look like this in the source code for your Info.plist file:


This will allow the Dropbox Core SDK to call the Dropbox app as part of the authentication flow.

If you’re using the iOS Chooser SDK, you’ll also need to add dbapi-1 and dbapi-3 to your LSApplicationQueriesSchemes. If you’re using the (now deprecated) Sync SDK, you’ll also need dbapi-3. You may need to list other schemes here as well, depending on if your app calls out to any other applications.

We’ve updated our Core API iOS tutorial and are reaching out to our 3rd party iOS developers about this change.