Dropbox API v2 launches today

Today we’re excited to launch Dropbox API v2!

We announced a preview of API v2 in April, and have continued to update and improve the API based on your feedback. As of today, Dropbox API v2 is ready to be used in all your Dropbox-connected apps. Thank you to the hundreds of developers who have already tried out API v2 in preview.

Our goal with API v2 is to provide a simpler, more consistent, and more comprehensive API. In addition to the API itself, we’re also introducing clearer documentation,

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New API endpoint: Shared Link Metadata

Today we’re announcing a much-requested API endpoint: shared link metadata, which lets you get metadata (similar to Core API’s /metadata) from Dropbox shared links. This API endpoint doesn’t require a user access token.

We’ve been working with our friends at Slack and Trello to help develop this endpoint to super-power Dropbox shared links pasted into a channel or board. We’re now looking forward to seeing how the rest of the developer community uses it.

To test this new endpoint out, you’ll need two things: a Dropbox shared link and a Dropbox app.

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Important: Update your Core API app for iOS 9

If you’re using the Dropbox Core SDK for iOS, there’s a small, but important, change you’ll need to make to your app to get it working with iOS 9.

iOS 9 requires your app to pre-register application schemes it intends to call. For Dropbox, you’ll need to add the scheme dbapi-2 to your list of allowed schemes like so:

  • Open your YourApp-Info.plist file and add the key, LSApplicationQueriesSchemes.
  • Under LSApplicationQueriesSchemes, add a new item with the value dbapi-2.

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Announcing the Dropbox API v2 Explorer

It was a dark and stormy night. Wolves howled at the full moon as all the village slept — all except for our protagonist, who stared into their computer monitor, switching between API docs and their terminal. As they reread the documentation, they had an idea, and excitedly typed in a command. But it responded with yet another syntax error. Our protagonist felt like cURLing up into a ball.

Our protagonist dreamed that, one day, there might be a tool to help developers like them. Maybe even a GUI. One day, they could use it to painlessly get an OAuth2 token.

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API v2 developer site (preview!)

In April we announced API v2, a new version of our Dropbox API. Over the past few weeks, we also released preview versions of SDKs for Swift, Python, and .NET that work with API v2. And now we’ve put this all together in a new developer site, specifically for API v2.

Check it out: Dropbox API v2 preview developer site

The content is mostly the same as our previous blog posts, but now it’s in a single easy-to-find location.

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Introducing a preview of the new Dropbox.NET SDK for API v2

[Update: API v2 and the Dropbox.NET SDK are no longer in preview and are ready for use in production.]

Today we’re announcing the Dropbox.NET SDK, a new SDK that you can use to try out our new API v2 preview. We’ve built this SDK to support the Microsoft development community and we’d love to get your thoughts and feedback.

The Dropbox.NET SDK is a Portable Class Library that works with multiple platforms including Windows, Windows Phone, and Mono.

Please keep in mind that both the SDK and API v2 are in preview mode so please don’t use them for your production apps just yet.

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