Developer stories: Streamlining workflows with Dropbox APIs

The DBX Platform helps bridge the silos between people and content by connecting the tools they use at work. We are excited to share the story of four developers who integrated with Dropbox to streamline workflows for their users. 

This year we hosted Dropbox Developer Meetups in San Francisco, Seattle, and New York to connect with and inspire our local communities of developers. At each of these events, we conducted a panel discussion with developers to learn about their integrations with Dropbox, the use cases they solve, and their experience building with the Dropbox APIs. At our New York City event,

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How <> uses Dropbox as a file backend for JavaScript apps

Randall Knutson is the Lead Architect at <>, a combined form and API data management platform designed specifically for application developers, addressing complex enterprise workflow applications that require highly-customized roles and permissions, offline mode, integration into multiple 3rd-party and legacy systems, and data analysis and reporting. <> can be deployed as a cloud‐based or on‐site solution, allowing developers to maintain control of their data and back‐end logic.

<> makes it easy to create complex form-based AngularJS and React applications. Many of these apps require file upload and download capability embedded directly within the application.

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Droplock, a Dropbox hack, wins BattleHack LA!

I spent the weekend at BattleHack LA, a hackathon put on by Braintree, and I had a great time working with a number of teams who integrated Dropbox into their projects. From car alarms to auctions to a tool that helps blind people run, I saw a lot of interesting Dropbox integrations. The team I ultimately chose to win the Dropbox category was Droplock: a tool that helps you when someone steals your laptop.

The Droplock team is depicted above. From left to right: Israel Torres, Brandon Whitney,

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Marvel uses Dropbox webhooks for real-time syncing

Brendan Moore is the Co-Founder and CTO at Marvel, the simplest way to create cross-platform prototypes and bring digital app and web ideas to life. Founded in 2011 and based in London, Marvel is used by over 60,000 designers, product managers, teachers, and students.

One of the really powerful features in Marvel is the ability to provide real-time updates from our users’ Dropbox accounts. Within the last month we upgraded from our well-serving, but now outdated, polling mechanism to real-time updates via Dropbox’s new webhooks feature.

Polling for changes

Upon exploring the Dropbox Core API it became apparent that there was some pretty powerful features we were ignoring,

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Listary – All your lists

Update: The Sync and Datastore SDK has been deprecated. Learn more here.

Listary is a beautiful, fast, and simple iOS app for making lists.

Just like our sample Lists app, Listary uses shared datastores for sharing lists, and local datastores so you can use the app without logging into Dropbox first.

Here’s what Listary had to say about working with the Datastore API:

We decided to build a new Listary from scratch with a goal in mind xe2x80x94 to make it even faster,

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Acompli improves mobile email app experience with Dropbox document preview API

We’ve been testing a new document preview API with developers over the past few weeks and are happy to announce that it is ready for everyone! This API endpoint makes it easy to show previews of files from within your app and supports the most popular document formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Kevin Henrikson is the Cofounder & VP Engineering of Acompli and here are his thoughts on the new document preview API.

Acompli combines email, calendar, file sharing, and contacts. We created the ability to view and attach files to email but we wrestled with the ability to show users an accurate preview of those files.

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