How Cloud Cannon uses webhooks

NOTE: This is a guest post by Mike Neumegen, co-founder of Cloud Cannon, a CMS built on top of Dropbox syncing.

Using the delta Dropbox API is a great way of tracking file changes from users. Until now the best way of receiving file changes was to poll the delta API as fast as possible. With the addition of webhooks to the Dropbox API, there’s a faster way. Now you can receive instant notification when a user changes files in their Dropbox.

We’ve been using webhooks at Cloud Cannon since its beta in April and have learned how to really leverage them.

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Build great web apps, directly in Dropbox

Thousands of apps integrate with Dropbox to make it easier to manage your projects. With services like Paperplane, Scriptogram, and Site44, you can create simple websites and blogs that publish directly from Dropbox. You can even manage more complex Javascript apps in Dropbox with services like Backlift and Harp.

Now, our friends at Windows Azure are using the Dropbox Core API to let you manage full web apps directly from your Dropbox account. Just put your app’s code in Dropbox and push it live with a click from the Windows Azure dashboard.

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Customer support and invoicing get better with the Dropbox Chooser

We launched the Chooser a few months ago and have been blown away by the uptake. Developers are using Chooser for everything including Customer Support, Invoicing and CRM.

We want to make a habit of highlighting the best applications that integrate Dropbox. In that vein, below are some of the folks using Chooser. Let us know if you have a great Dropbox integration worth sharing.

It always helps customer support people when a user submits an image of the issue in question. Tons of people store their screenshots from mobile and desktop in Dropbox and Freshdesk has made it easy for users to add files from Dropbox to their tickets.

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Dropbox Chooser is already popping up in your favorite apps

Last Thursday, we publicly announced the Dropbox Chooser, the fastest way to integrate Dropbox into your web apps. In less than a week, we’ve seen a tremendous response from developers and a bunch of great integrations (if you’d like to get started, take a look at the Dropbox Chooser docs). We’re psyched and wanted to share some of favorite examples with you:

Now, when you’re using Trello to collaborate with your team, you can add files and photos directly from your Dropbox. Check out the Trello blog to learn more about how Dropbox works with Trello.

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Using Dropbox’s Delta API: Lessons Learned From Site44

This guest post is written by Steve Marx, one of the founders of Site44, a static web hosting service built on top of Dropbox.

Dropbox has a rich API that allows developers to query and manipulate data in Dropbox. One of the newest additions to the API is /delta, an efficient way to keep track of changes to a user’s Dropbox. This API has been available in production since March of this year, and we at Site44 have been developing with it since its beta in February.

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