Last weekend the Dropbox platform team was at HackZurich, Europe’s largest student hackathon. With over 450 participants representing dozens of countries, HackZurich was a great place for us to meet new developers and see what they could build. There were many teams that used the Dropbox API; here are four that really stood out. 

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Dropbox at Hack the North

This weekend, Leah and I were at the University of Waterloo sponsoring the student hackathon, Hack the North. We met students who flew in from across the continent, gave a talk on using the Dropbox API, and awarded a prize for the best use of the Dropbox API.

Thanks to all the students who hacked on the Dropbox API this weekend. Our API prize winner was FedUp, an Android app and website that protects its users during police encounters. The winning team met during summer internships in San Francisco and applied to Hack the North together.

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Upcoming events for the Dropbox Developer Platform

Join the Dropbox Developer Platform team for lots of upcoming events:

Xerocon Melbourne Dev Day
August 12
Come see our own Josh Sandberg speak about using the Dropbox APIs to store, sync, and share data for 3rd party developers and in-house IT.

That Conference
August 10 – 12
Smart watches are a new fun toy for developers. Check out Steve Marx, product manager for the Dropbox Developer Platform, showing off what developers can do with the Pebble watch and the Dropbox API.


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Join us at Summer Hack Day, a hackathon for women interns

This summer, Dropbox is hosting Summer Hack Day, a hackathon for women who are interning in the Bay Area. Come join us June 26th – 27th, and be a part of the most delightfully refreshing hackathon of the summer.

Apply now at summerhackday.com.


There will be delicious food and awesome prizes, and we’ll also have mentors from Dropbox to help the teams with their hacks, and industry representatives who will be speaking and judging. Applications close on Thursday, June 11th at 6:00 pm PDT,

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