The Next Web Hack Battle Dropbox API winners

Last week I traveled to Amsterdam for The Next Web Europe conference and Hack Battle hackathon. Dropbox sponsored the Hack Battle and awarded a prize for the most creative use of the Dropbox API.

The winner of the Dropbox prize was Paratrooper, an app for sharing photos from a particular location. The members of the winning team were all from the Netherlands: Jan Deelstra, Tom de Vries, Luuk Hartsema, and Lars Bekkema. The winning team’s day job is at HackerOne,

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Dropbox, keeping PyCon in sync!

Dropbox was out in full force at PyCon this year. We were the Financial Aid Sponsor for the event, hosted a workshop about how to use the Dropbox API, and had a lot of great conversations with attendees at our booth. Behind the scenes, the Dropbox platform kept PyCon speakers and captioners in sync through a custom Dropbox API app.

If you’re curious about the Dropbox workshop, here are the slides and the full source code for PEP8 Squad, the demo app. PEP8 Squad reformats any Python file you drag into Dropbox according to PEP8’s recommended style.

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Dropbox API upcoming events

Hack Battle
April 22 – 24 in Amsterdam
As part of The Next Web Europe conference in Amsterdam next week, we’ll be sponsoring the Hack Battle. Join hundreds of hackers to compete for prizes and glory with a special prize for the best use of the Dropbox API. Dropbox Head of EMEA Marketing, Xabier Ormazel, will also be speaking at the conference about “The Collaboration Network: redefining teamwork for the mobile age”. Find out more.

DevOps @ EMC World
May 3 in Las Vegas
Come see our Developer Platform Product Manager,

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How to Leverage Media for Your Startup event

Join us at the Wix Developer’s Lounge on Wednesday, May 13 for a panel on How to Leverage Media for Your Startup. Leah Culver from Dropbox, Matthew Makai from Twilio, and David Zuckerman from Wix will discuss the ways in which startups can use media, such as photos, videos, and audio to enhance their apps.

Here’s the details:
How to Leverage Media for Your Startup
Wednesday, May 13th
6:30 – 8:30 PM
Wix Developer’s Lounge – 500 Terry A Francois Boulevard, San Francisco, CA

RSVP for the event

Hope to see you there!

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Droplock, a Dropbox hack, wins BattleHack LA!

I spent the weekend at BattleHack LA, a hackathon put on by Braintree, and I had a great time working with a number of teams who integrated Dropbox into their projects. From car alarms to auctions to a tool that helps blind people run, I saw a lot of interesting Dropbox integrations. The team I ultimately chose to win the Dropbox category was Droplock: a tool that helps you when someone steals your laptop.

The Droplock team is depicted above. From left to right: Israel Torres, Brandon Whitney,

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Fix dress colors with Dropbox

For some reason, white and gold things appear blue and black to a large number of people. As a demo for BattleHack LA, I built an app that automatically corrects the colors in your images in Dropbox so you can see their true white and gold nature.

The full code is on GitHub at The app uses webhooks and the Core API (/delta, /thumbnails, and /files_put).

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