Try out Dropbox Business endpoints in .NET

Want to see the Dropbox Business API in action? We’ve built a .NET sample app that shows you how to link to Dropbox business teams, and use the activity endpoints to get statistics about the members. Check it out in our .NET GitHub repo, here!

This simple dashboard offers a visual overview of some of the team data that Dropbox endpoints expose. Using the Team member file access permission level, data on team information, team daily active users, distinct apps that team members have linked, shared folders with activity in the last week and team member rosters,

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Announcing the Dropbox API v2 Explorer

It was a dark and stormy night. Wolves howled at the full moon as all the village slept — all except for our protagonist, who stared into their computer monitor, switching between API docs and their terminal. As they reread the documentation, they had an idea, and excitedly typed in a command. But it responded with yet another syntax error. Our protagonist felt like cURLing up into a ball.

Our protagonist dreamed that, one day, there might be a tool to help developers like them. Maybe even a GUI. One day, they could use it to painlessly get an OAuth2 token.

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Migrating user access tokens from the Sync SDK to the Core SDK

The Sync API is being deprecated, and we recommend switching to the Core API. To avoid users having to reauthorize your app when you make the switch, you’ll want to extract the access tokens stored by the Sync API and reuse them.

This post shows you how to get the OAuth access tokens stored by the Sync SDK and use them with the Core SDK. For more on how OAuth works with Dropbox, check out this handy guide.

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A guide to getting started with OAuth

A common sticking point for developers when they begin using the Dropbox API is how to properly authorize users using OAuth. Dropbox uses OAuth 2, an open standard, to handle connecting apps to users’ Dropbox accounts.

To help developers get started, we just published the Dropbox API OAuth guide, covering OAuth and user authorization in general. Check it out and let us know what you think, either here in the comments or on the Dropbox API development forum.

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Get Easter eggs in your Dropbox

Some people think that Easter eggs are colorful hard-boiled chicken ova that you hide in a backyard once a year. Other people think Easter eggs are cute little surprises that developers build into their apps to delight their users. With the Dropbox API, Easter eggs can be both!

The Easter Eggs app creates a folder tree in your Dropbox with folders like “grass” and “drain pipe” and “under the back porch,” and then randomly adds image files of eggs. The aim of the game is to find all the eggs and drag the files to your “Easter basket”

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