API v1 is now deprecated

Edit 06/23/2017: Deprecation timeline updated to match the one described in our recent blog post

As of today, Dropbox API v1 is deprecated. This includes both the user endpoints (a.k.a. the Core API), and the team endpoints (a.k.a. the Business API). In order to provide our developers with the most up-to-date features and support a single, consistent platform, we’ll be turning off API v1 a year from now, on 6/28/2017.

API v2 is built thoughtfully with a consistent design and adds new endpoints and features. Additionally, we’ve open-sourced our SDK generator,

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Announcing the v1 to v2 migration guide

UPDATE JUNE 29, 2016 This post now has been updated to include new information about open issues.

Developers, it’s time to start migrating your apps to API v2. To help with this transition, today we’ve published a migration guide that will take you through all of the changes you’ll need to make to get your app running on API v2.

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How <form.io> uses Dropbox as a file backend for JavaScript apps

Randall Knutson is the Lead Architect at <form.io>, a combined form and API data management platform designed specifically for application developers, addressing complex enterprise workflow applications that require highly-customized roles and permissions, offline mode, integration into multiple 3rd-party and legacy systems, and data analysis and reporting. <form.io> can be deployed as a cloud‐based or on‐site solution, allowing developers to maintain control of their data and back‐end logic.

<form.io> makes it easy to create complex form-based AngularJS and React applications. Many of these apps require file upload and download capability embedded directly within the application.

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Try out Dropbox Business endpoints in .NET

Want to see the Dropbox Business API in action? We’ve built a .NET sample app that shows you how to link to Dropbox business teams, and use the activity endpoints to get statistics about the members. Check it out in our .NET GitHub repo, here!

This simple dashboard offers a visual overview of some of the team data that Dropbox endpoints expose. Using the Team member file access permission level, data on team information, team daily active users, distinct apps that team members have linked, shared folders with activity in the last week and team member rosters,

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More breaking changes to beta sharing endpoints

We are making breaking changes to the beta sharing endpoints, which will take effect as of February 24th, 2016:

  1. Reorganizing some error structures
  2. Changing the format of shared folder IDs

These changes help make error handling more intuitive and provide a better migration path for apps still using v1 endpoints.

Error Structure Changes

We’re improving and reorganizing the error structures for the beta sharing endpoints. For apps handling errors, changes will not be backwards compatible, but they will make error handling more intuitive in the future, especially as more features are added.

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Breaking changes to beta sharing endpoints

[UPDATE December 11, 2015] The following breaking changes are now available in the SDKs.

We’re making some improvements to the sharing features currently in beta. Specifically, we’re introducing paging support, and a new shared folder membership endpoint. We’ve also made some changes to how member errors are reported, as well as some of the fields included in SharedFolderMetadata. These changes will not be backwards compatible, but will allow for better scalability and ease of use.

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