Scaling down large image files using the get thumbnail API

As digital cameras evolve, including the ones in our smartphones, photos produced by them constantly increase in resolution and file size. For instance, on my current smartphone, the average file size of pictures goes between 6-8 MB, when the ones produced by my 3-year-old smartphone average 2-3 MB.

Having a large file size is not a problem when previewing images directly in the Dropbox website or the Dropbox mobile apps as these surfaces are optimized for large files, but presents challenges when interacting with other APIs.

If you’re transferring your images to a third party API for processing (like an image recognition AI),

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New additional information about photo and video files

Yesterday we launched Carousel, a beautiful gallery for all your photos and videos. Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve updated our API to better support photos and videos.

Specifically, we’ve added more metadata about media files. You can now use the include_media_info parameter to fetch additional information about photos and videos in the /metadata endpoint.

Here’s an example:

Currently you can get the following data for each media file:

  • Photo: time taken, GPS coordinates
  • Video: time taken,

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Getting different sizes of thumbnails using the JavaScript Chooser

As mentioned in a post last week, we recently rolled out some improvements to the Chooser JavaScript API. One of the additions in the new library is a new set of thumbnails. Now, in addition to choosing the size of thumbnail you want to generate, you can also choose the mode used (e.g. “crop” instead of “fit”). You can read the full details in the JavaScript Chooser docs.

The Chooser now returns a single thumbnail link, but you can generate all the other thumbnails by modifying the query parameters of that URL.

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