Photo gallery tutorial with tags using the File Properties API

In a previous blog post, we shared how to create a production-ready photo gallery application using Node.js, Express, and Dropbox, and deploy it to Heroku. In our latest tutorial, we’ve expanded this application to search for pictures on Dropbox using tags. 

This new tutorial uses the Microsoft Azure Face Recognition API to identify and create tags for specific people; the Dropbox File Properties API to store a reference to and handle search of those tags; and the Dropbox JavaScript SDK to implement all of this with fewer lines of code,

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Node Photo Gallery Tutorial

We recently published a tutorial on how to build a production-ready photo gallery web service using Node.JS and Dropbox.

In the step-by-step guide, you’ll learn about all the technologies required to implement a web service that will allow you to nicely display images stored in your Dropbox account in a photo gallery.  We cover topics such as authentication to Dropbox via OAuth, app folder access Dropbox permissions, photo rendering using a JavaScript library called Galleria, and code deployment on Heroku for production. 

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Try out Dropbox Business endpoints in .NET

Want to see the Dropbox Business API in action? We’ve built a .NET sample app that shows you how to link to Dropbox business teams, and use the activity endpoints to get statistics about the members. Check it out in our .NET GitHub repo, here!

This simple dashboard offers a visual overview of some of the team data that Dropbox endpoints expose. Using the Team member file access permission level, data on team information, team daily active users, distinct apps that team members have linked, shared folders with activity in the last week and team member rosters,

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SwiftyDropbox SDK talk video and sample app

A few weeks ago, I gave a talk at the Twilio Signal conference about our new SwiftyDropbox SDK.

I demoed PhotoWatch, a sample app built with SwiftyDropbox that displays photos from your Dropbox on your Apple Watch. PhotoWatch uses two methods from the SwiftyDropbox SDK to interact with Dropbox: filesListFolder and filesDownload. Check out the source code on GitHub.

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Dropbox, keeping PyCon in sync!

Dropbox was out in full force at PyCon this year. We were the Financial Aid Sponsor for the event, hosted a workshop about how to use the Dropbox API, and had a lot of great conversations with attendees at our booth. Behind the scenes, the Dropbox platform kept PyCon speakers and captioners in sync through a custom Dropbox API app.

If you’re curious about the Dropbox workshop, here are the slides and the full source code for PEP8 Squad, the demo app. PEP8 Squad reformats any Python file you drag into Dropbox according to PEP8’s recommended style.

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New in beta: shared folder metadata

Today we’re rolling out new shared folder metadata functionality, which lets developers see additional metadata about shared folders and the files within them. This metadata includes the users who are part of a shared folder, the permissions each user has in that folder, and who last modified each file in the folder. This is the first step towards providing programmatic access to create and manipulate shared folders in the Core API.

The additional metadata also includes a new read_only field on shared folders and files within them. This should be used by apps to support the brand new view-only permission and is true if the authenticated user does not have permission to write to files in that shared folder.

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