Dropbox around the world!

Hi everyone!

Hope February is treating all of you well. We’ve recently hit a huge milestone and now have over 4 million Dropbox users. The coolest part is that this crowd of millions is pretty diverse and encompasses a huge range of nationalities. We like to think that this is because we’ve created something that extends beyond language barriers– It can be used by pretty much anyone.

I’d like to share some stats with you all. These were thrown together by our analytics pro, Albert, and it gives a pretty cool breakdown of our user population.

Users by nationality:

32.7% USA
6.7% UK
6.5% Germany
4.7% Japan
4.0% Canada
3.5% Spain
3.2% Netherlands
2.8% China
2.7% France
2.5% Italy

Users by platform:

66.1% Windows only
20.9% Mac only
2.0% Linux only
7.4% Windows and Mac
2.6% Windows and Linux
0.3% Mac and Linux
0.7% All three

Just a friendly reminder: We’re not spying into your account. This data is based off your IP address.

As an added bonus, here’s a video (by Rajiv) of 25 seconds of Dropbox client traffic. This video is generated from live data streaming off our servers. Each dot corresponds to activity from a client, with higher towers representing more users from a particular place.  Pretty cool, huh?