Share your stuff with a link!

We’re super excited to announce a whole new way to share: now you can send a link to the files or folders in your Dropbox!

Sharing with friends and family is easy! Once you’ve saved that video of your niece’s birthday party to Dropbox, just make a link to send to grandma and she can simply watch online — no download required. This saves you the hassle of having to re-upload or attach it to an email.

Anyone with the link gets access to a snazzy page where they can view (but not edit) your stuff. Our gallery pages give your photos, videos, and even docs the gorgeous, full-browser view they deserve. This means that people who follow your link can see pictures, look at presentations, and watch home videos without having to download and open them separately.

But just in case a friend wants to save that picture or PDF for later, they can choose to either download it or save it straight to their Dropbox.

Here are some great ways to use this new instant sharing feature:

  • Families can send vacation photos and videos just moments after getting home.
  • Companies with Dropbox for Teams can send presentations to clients who might not use Dropbox, and share materials with employees on their first day.
  • Teachers can quickly distribute problem sets and exams through links, and students can save them to their own Dropbox with a click.


How it works:
We’ve made it easy to share your stuff from the web, your computer, or mobile device:




Don’t know when to use links instead of shared folders? Here’s our advice: if multiple people need to edit the same set of stuff, a shared folder is best. If not, then links are the way to go! Linking is much faster, and it’s also the best way to make your content shine on the web.

Check out our links page to learn more.

We’ve have been refining this feature in beta since last year, and now that we’re ready to roll it out to everyone, we’d like to thank all the Dropbox for Teams users who shared their feedback. And a special shout-out to our friends on the Dropbox forums. We have lots more on the way, so stay tuned!

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