Overheard @ Hack Week: Tuesday

Dropbox Hack Week is an event where Dropboxers get back to their roots and explore their wildest, most innovative ideas. We’re taking you behind the scenes of Hack Week to give a sneak peek into how we hack.

Over 150 Hack Week teams have formed and started working on projects. With less than 5 days to finish, there’s no time to waste.

Teams are made up of Dropboxers from all over the company, many of whom are working together for the first time and taking on tasks outside of their normal day jobs. We checked in with a few of them today, and here’s what they had to say:

Dropbox Hack Week CEO of my company with Aakash-01

Dropbox Hack Week Know What To Do Get It Done with Sara-01

Dropbox Hack Week: Do the Impossible with Abhishek

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