Sharing just got a little simpler

Invite people to collaborate

Next time you log in to Dropbox on the web, you’ll notice a new ‘Share’ button. We’ve added this button to make it even easier for you to share your stuff from Dropbox.

Inviting people to collaborate

Let’s say you’re going on a trip with some friends and want to keep multiple travel guides in one place, and let everyone edit the group’s itineraries. Instead of emailing attachments back and forth in a messy thread, you can just create a shared folder and invite your friends to collaborate. When they accept the invite, your travel buddies can sync that folder to their Dropbox account; they’ll also be able to view, add, edit, or delete files in the folder.

Get started
Click the ‘Share’ button → ‘Invite people to collaborate…’

Sending a link

If you’re a contractor and you want to share your schedule with a client, you can just create a link to the file — send that link to anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. You can also share a link to a folder. People who click a share link will be able to preview the file or the contents of a folder on the Dropbox website, they can also download a copy, but they won’t be able to edit files.

Get started
Sharing a folder: Click the ‘Share’ button → ‘Send link…’
Sharing a file: Click the ‘Share’ button and the link will automatically be copied to your clipboard.

Happy sharing!