Dropbox for Android: Better, faster, redesigned

Today, we’re taking the wraps off our newly redesigned Dropbox for Android app. We’ve heard your feedback, and this new version has been built to make Dropbox on Android better, faster, and more usable. Not only does it sport a fresh look that’s right at home on the latest versions of Android — it also has new features to help you get to your stuff on the go. Here’s what you’ll be able to do in the updated app:
Dropbox for Android 3.0

Put photos where you need them. We’ve added a “plus” button that lets you take a photo right from the folder you want to save it to. Want to share whiteboard notes from a meeting with everyone? Just go to a shared folder, snap a photo, and upload it directly. Best of all, photos you take using the “plus” button will go straight to Dropbox, bypassing your gallery and saving space on your device.

Content creation, "plus button"

Find stuff faster. Our new search icon — located in the top menu — helps you find just what you’re looking for (and you can search within documents too). We’ve also made browsing easier. Now you can swipe left and right to easily navigate through folders on the go.
Dropbox for Android 3.0 - Search button

Take action on files. We’ve put key sharing controls — and common file actions like favoriting, moving, and renaming — in the same place across the app. Whether you’re in your file list or previewing a document or photo, just go to the info pane to take action. You’ll also see richer info like file and folder locations, modification dates, and shared folder members in the file list.

Dropbox for Android 3.0 - File actions

These updates join a bunch of new features we’ve added in the past few months for Android users including a PDF viewer and in-document search. And if you’re using our Android app for the first time or haven’t signed in yet, you’ll be greeted with our new welcome animation:

The updated Android app will be rolling out to the Play Store over the next few days, so make sure to check it out.