Have a resolution to get more done? Here’s how Paper can help.

The new year is your clean slate. Whether you’re starting a new job, kicking off a new project, or working with a new client, this is the perfect time to try new tools that can make your team more productive. Here’s how Dropbox Paper can help.

Move past procrastination

Been feeling overwhelmed by all the work that was waiting after the holidays? Whether your to-do list includes design reviews, creative briefs, product launches, landing page redesigns, or any other type of new project, Paper makes it easy to create, manage, and complete projects faster.

With a clean, streamlined design that clears away formatting tasks, it’s the perfect tool for quickly jotting down first-draft notes. So when you need to brainstorm, you can capture ideas as fast as you think of them, then organize them later. And with Paper’s keyboard shortcuts and auto formatting, you never need to take your fingers off the keyboard to adjust the font size or formatting.

Blank Dropbox Paper doc shown in web browser

Get help from your team

Delegating tasks to teammates not only takes work off your plate—it helps you get better results. And with Paper, your collaboration begins by sharing the doc. You can start with one trusted colleague or invite your whole team to review. With every new comment and contribution, the team grows the project together.

To keep the project moving forward, you can use task lists to delegate assignments and let everyone know what’s expected and when. You can even choose who gets the power to co-edit and who can only leave comments. And whenever a teammate makes an edit in your doc, you’ll get a notification so you can track progress in real time.

Screenshot of a task list in Dropbox Paper, showing @mentions

Make decisions and meet deadlines

Knowing who’s provided feedback (and who hasn’t) makes it easier to take your project across the finish line. Paper shows you who’s viewed your doc and when. If someone needs a nudge, you can @mention them to send a reminder and stay on track.

The commenting feature in Dropbox Paper

When you’re able to see everyone’s feedback in one place, you can move quickly from questions to consensus. As teammates weigh in, they can answer questions and have conversations right in Paper. And because all the comments are visible to all teammates, everyone can follow along as changes—and decisions—are made. That way, nothing gets lost or overlooked in an email thread.

Here’s to making 2017 your most productive year yet. To help your team get more done in less time, try Paper today.