Paper 101: How to embed rich media in your Dropbox Paper docs

Sometimes you need more than text to tell your story. Whether you’re illustrating your point with colorful graphs or using pictures to personalize your presentation, there are many ways to bring your doc to life. But adding photos, videos, audio files, and social media posts shouldn’t slow your creative flow.

That’s why we made it easy to embed all kinds of rich media into your Dropbox Paper docs. All you have to do is copy the URL and paste the link into your doc, and the content automatically appears on the page. Here are 8 ways to include movies, music, and movement in your Paper doc.


Paper makes it easy to view videos inline and place comments right next to the embed.
Animated screenshot of YouTube video embedded in a Paper doc


Paper can also automatically embed video content from Vimeo. Just copy the URL, paste the link into Paper, press play, and watch it right inside of your Paper doc.
Screenshot showing Vimeo embed in a Paper doc


Want to add songs or background sounds to make your storytelling more compelling? Go to your SoundCloud account, search for audio ideas, then paste the link into your Paper doc. Your team can easily add feedback about the SoundCloud link with a comment or sticker.

Screenshot showing SoundCloud embed in a Paper doc


Paper lets you link to songs from Spotify directly within a doc. It’s a great way for video production teams to suggest tracks for their clips, and for teams to add notes right next to the embedded clips.

Screenshot showing Spotify embed in a Paper doc


Embedding Facebook posts in your Paper doc is a simple way to pass along an interesting article or share customer comments with your team.
Screenshot showing a Facebook post embedded in a Paper doc


Paper lets you share a tweet in its original form. You can even follow and click links right from the embedded post.
Screenshot showing an embed of a tweet in a Paper doc


After an industry event like Fashion Week, how could you not show off the shots you captured in the midst of the action? With Paper, you can embed links from your Instagram account and give your team a glimpse behind the scenes.

Screenshot showing embed of an Instragram post in a Paper doc


Embed a board from your collection to inspire ideas or show your design team a specific look you’re after. Paper turns the link into an embedded preview of your page.
Screenshot showing Pinterest embed in a Paper doc

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