Keep work moving forward with updated Dropbox and Paper mobile apps

Animated illustration showing Dropbox mobile apps used by a commuter on a train.

These days, work doesn’t just happen at your desk. From brainstorming over video chat to reviewing reports on the train, teamwork can take many forms. That’s why your tools need to be as flexible as the way you work. Today, we’re announcing new updates to our iOS and Android mobile apps that help you stay productive on the go—no matter where you are or how you work.

Save and organize your work in a snap with the Dropbox doc scanner feature for Android

Want to turn your receipts or whiteboard notes into PDFs you can save in your Dropbox account? Our Dropbox mobile app for Android has a new feature that makes it easy. The doc scanner—one of the most popular features on our iOS app—now allows you to scan printed or handwritten docs right from your phone. Plus, you can crop or rotate your scans to capture exactly the right image, and even scan multiple pages into a single PDF. In addition to these standard features, Dropbox Business teams have the added benefit of searching for keywords inside their scans.

Animated screenshot showing the Android doc scanner in the Dropbox Paper mobile app.

Grow bigger, brighter ideas on the go with updated Dropbox Paper mobile apps

Our updated Paper mobile apps can help you get work done anytime, anywhere, even when you’re offline. Ever travel through areas without cellular signal or commute on a train that passes through tunnels? Now those frustrating interruptions won’t slow you down. Paper’s new offline mode lets you stay in sync with your team no matter where you’re working. Even if you lose your internet connection, you can continue to create new docs, or access, edit, and comment on your favorite and recent docs. And once you’re back online, your changes get synced so you have a smooth, seamless experience when you’re working on the go.

Animated screenshot showing offline mode in the Dropbox Paper mobile app.

Now available in 20 languages, the Paper mobile app on Android and iOS makes it easy to work in your own language—and with team members around the world. It’s ideal for multinational businesses that need to communicate and coordinate with partners and agencies around the globe. Paper is available in multiple languages on the web, too, so teams can seamlessly collaborate in their native languages using any mobile device.

Screenshot showing Dropbox Paper mobile app with localized languages.

These new features are free and available to anyone with a Dropbox account. To find out how they can help you and your team get more done on the go, visit and