New ways to discuss and review images in Dropbox Paper

Illustration for Paper Image Feature launch

Whether you’re organizing photos from a cover shoot or reviewing logo design options, working with images and multimedia projects should be inspiring, not frustrating. We’ve built some new features in Dropbox Paper that make it easier for teams to review ideas, provide feedback, and add context to projects that include photos and designs.

Identify images by adding captions

Adding context to images helps your team understand what they’re reviewing. And Paper’s latest feature makes it as easy as typing a comment. The text gets tied to the image, so it moves as the image moves. Nothing gets lost in translation if the layout changes.

Animated screenshot of captions added to images in Dropbox Paper

Make feedback clearer by commenting on specific areas

Sometimes a reviewer needs to address a particular detail, not the entire image. Not being able to to specify which detail they’re referencing can lead to confusion—and a lot of follow-up questions. With Paper’s new image feature, you can make it clear by calling out exactly which part of the image needs to change. Plus, multiple notes are automatically numbered in the order in which they’re added, to help you identify the most recent feedback.

Animated screenshot of annotations in Dropbox Paper

Zoom in for a better view of photos and graphics

When you’re working with large or high-resolution images, sometimes you need to take a closer look at the details. Paper lets you expand to full size and pan from side to side and top to bottom. We’ve also added a sidebar with the image’s comments to make reviewing even easier.

These new features are the latest ways Paper makes it easy to work with different media types, from photos and videos to sound clips and GIFs. To see how they can help you spend less time tracking edits, and more time creating great work, try Dropbox Paper for free.

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