Art + amps + chocolate houses: Creative energy comes to Outside Lands

Photo of Outside Lands entrance
Photo by Jeremy Cohen

Last year’s creative mash-ups at Outside Lands were so much fun, we couldn’t resist an encore. So we paired up a new posse of muralists, musicians, designers, and chocolatiers to find out what would happen if they combined their creative energy to produce some unique works of art together at the festival. Here are highlights from last week’s festival.

Sam Ushiro and Amy Guittard whipped up a one-of-a-kind chocolate tribute to San Francisco’s iconic Victorian and Edwardian houses known as the Painted Ladies.

Photo of Sam Ushiro and Amy Guittard
Photo of Sam Ushiro and Amy Guittard by Jeremy Cohen

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Grammy award winners Portugal. The Man and visual artist Ricky Watts collaborated on hand-painted amps the band used during their set at Outside Lands.

Photo of Ricky Watts at Outside Lands
Photo by Jeremy Cohen


Photo of Portugal. The Man and Ricky Watts
Photo of Portugal. The Man and Ricky Watts by Jeremy Cohen


Photo of Portugal. The Man at Outside Lands
Photo by Jeremy Cohen

Lettering artists Gemma O’Brien and Ricardo Gonzalez (AKA @itsaliving) teamed up to create a mural featuring the lyrics “Boss up and change your life” from Lizzo’s hit song, “Good As Hell.”

Photo of Lizzo with Gemma O'Brien and Ricardo Gonzalez at Outside Lands
Gemma O’Brien, Lizzo, and Ricardo Gonzalez by Jeremy Cohen

“For the Outside Lands mural, I was using a variety of analog and digital techniques. Using Dropbox was a great way to streamline the design process and switch seamlessly between my photos of sketches on my phone, to working on my iPad and laptop before painting the actual mural.”—Gemma O’Brien

Photo of Gemma O'Brien
Photo of Gemma O’Brien by Jeremy Cohen

Dropbox Paper was a great tool to collaborate on the mural for Outside Lands,” said Gemma. “All the important details, initial sketches, and process were in one easy-to-find place. As I’m often working while traveling, Dropbox is super convenient to access all my files and inspiration images without having to lug a hard drive around the world with me.”

Ricardo (@itsaliving) said using Paper during the collaborative process helped by facilitating communication and giving him complete creative freedom.

Photo of Ricardo Gonzalez
Photo of Ricardo Gonzalez by Jeremy Cohen

“There were a lot people involved in this project yet Dropbox allowed us to seamlessly communicate and collaborate in real time via Paper,” said Brooke Robinson, who was covering the mural collaboration for her lettering website, GoodType. “One of my favorite features was that we were able to conveniently access the document on mobile. It was great to have the capability of adding images and other video to a document we could all see simultaneously.“

Check out the video of the finished mural captured by NYC photographer, Jeremy Cohen.

Photo of Outside Lands blanket
Photo by Jeremy Cohen


Photo of Outside Lands crowd
Photo by Jeremy Cohen


Photo of Ranger Dave at Outside Lands
Photo by Jeremy Cohen

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