Celebrating #Dropbox10: Workplace trends that are here to stay

While the working world is full of fads—whether that’s treadmill desks or sleep pods—some crazes have more staying power than others. Here are 10 popular workplace trends we’ve seen evolve since the early days of Dropbox—trends that we believe are here to stay.

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Celebrating #Dropbox10: The 10 illustrations you never saw

Since the earliest days of Dropbox, we’ve tried to connect with users through illustration. Whether we’re announcing a new product or fixing a pesky bug, we know users prefer to hear the news from fellow humans, not robots. Much of the Dropbox visual style has developed along those lines: personal, hand-drawn, playful.

In many cases, we’ll design several concepts before picking the option that’s just right. Here are 10 illustrations the design team loved, even if they missed the final cut.

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