Make your masterpiece: 4 Dropbox-connected apps for creativity

If creativity is in your DNA, Dropbox is the perfect place to bring it to life. And with Dropbox-connected apps, there are plenty of ways to express yourself. You can easily connect Dropbox and access your stuff in over 300,000 apps — for everything from note-taking to painting to photo retouching. Here are a few apps to get your creative juices flowing:


Vimeo (Web)
Boasting a passionate community and no ads, Vimeo is the place to watch, upload, and share videos. Connect Dropbox to your Vimeo account, and choose files to upload individually or have videos automatically uploaded from the folder of your choice.

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A new Dropbox for Android: export files to your SD card

We’re always listening and looking for ways to make Dropbox fit more seamlessly into how you work — no matter which device you’re on. Exporting Dropbox files to an external SD card has been one of our most-requested Android features, which is why we’re excited that it’s part of our latest Dropbox for Android release, available for all versions of Android.

Exporting Dropbox files to your SD card gives you an easy way to transfer all your stuff — meeting agendas, trip photos, shopping lists, and more — as you move between Android devices, even without an Internet connection.

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Do more on the go with a new Dropbox for iOS 8

We’re excited to introduce a big update to our iOS app which is tailor-made for the new iOS 8. We’ve added a bunch of additional features to help you do more from your iPhone or iPad, and here are just a few of our favorites:

Dropbox in the Notification Center
The Today section of the Notification Center now shows you an immediate overview of recently changed files in your Dropbox. This means you can check on updates within your shared folders without even opening the Dropbox app.

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Keeping your stuff safe, simply

Safeguarding your stuff is our highest priority and we’re constantly at work behind the scenes — encrypting your files in transit and at rest, securing the machines and applications that run Dropbox, and building security tools like two-step verification, to protect your accounts.

But if you’ve ever felt like figuring out how to take the extra steps — or even knowing which steps to take — is confusing, you’re not alone. That’s why we’re helping start Simply Secure, a new organization dedicated to creating security technology and tools that are simple and easy-to-use,

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iOS 8 compatibility issue with camera upload

UPDATE: Thursday, Sept. 18, 11:20 AM PT

We’ve updated the Dropbox and Carousel apps to prevent ‘duplicate’ photo uploads, and resolved most app crash issues users were experiencing on iOS 8. Please install now:

If you continue to experience issues after installing this update, please leave us a comment below, contact us on Twitter @dropbox_support, or submit a ticket at Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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Transparency Report update: fighting for your right to know

Over the past year, revelations about government surveillance have shown that we need more transparency into when and how government agencies get access to people’s information online. That’s why we regularly publish a Transparency Report detailing how many government data requests we receive. For the past two years, we published our report annually, but starting today we’ll release it every six months so people have up-to-date information and can watch more closely for trends.

In the current period, January to June 2014, we received 268 requests for user information from law enforcement agencies and 0-249 national security requests.

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