Dropquest II: The Future is Now

Many of you were around for last year’s Dropquest, where we sent y’all on a magical journey through Dropbox and the interwebs. Wordokus were solved, music puzzles were deciphered, origami cranes were folded, and dragons were slain. All in all, nearly half a million Dropquesters were rewarded for their craftiness, skill, and effort. That was well over a year ago, and since then we’ve been holding our cards and toiling away to craft a Dropquest successor worthy of the first.

That being said, we’ve got something to say about the Dropquest landing next weekend:

It’s back.

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The Official Dropbox Guide To Getting More Space!

We get asked a lot how to get more space in your Dropbox, and we realized that we’ve never put an official guide together. So here it is! When people start using Dropbox, they start small but often need more and more space over time. We’ve created a bunch of free ways to get more space, but also make it simple to get loads of space really fast.

Take A Tour
For people new to Dropbox, there are a few things you should try out first — we want you to install Dropbox on a bunch of computers,

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Dropbox + Rock Band =

Hey Dropboxers!

While we have many traditions and unique habits over here at Dropbox HQ (building your own desk and computer as a rite of passage, weekly treks to our favorite restaurant Shalimar, and blasting ‘The Final Countdown‘ when posting new builds of Dropbox, to name a few), none are as defined or hardcore as our passion for the video game Rock Band.

Having a team that was mostly born in the 80s means having a group of kids who grew up latched onto video games;

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Battle of the Bands

After last month’s post about Drew, we got an interesting comment. One thing led to another, and this Thursday (3/19) Mozy will be sending out their “dream team” (lol) to compete against us in a Rock Band Battle Royale.

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Ahh New Year’s. A great time to make promises that you’ll probably never fulfill. But hey, it’s the thought that counts anyway. Here are the team’s resolutions for 2009 — some Dropbox-related, some not, but we’ll put a little extra effort in following through with the ones that are …we promise!

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We’re always amazed by the creative ways people find to use Dropbox, so as coders, this one struck as particularly awesome. Instructions shamelessly stolen from a Dropbox user :).

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