What is Dropbox, anyway?

We know avid blog readers (like you!) understand the ins and outs of Dropbox. But we also know there are lots of people who haven’t met us yet. We wanted to let those folks know about the good things that happen when their files live in Dropbox, so we just posted a new video that answers the simple question: What is Dropbox, anyway?

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Dropbox Makers: Meet Ryan Putnam, designer and illustrator

Here at Dropbox, we take pride in the craft of creating great products. And like any craft, the end result is shaped by the people who make it. In our weekly Dropbox Makers series, you’ll meet the people behind the products. This week, Dropbox designer and illustrator Ryan Putnam shares his path.

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One giant leap for student-kind

Hey Space Racers!

Over the last eight weeks, millions of students from over 6,000 schools (and 100 countries!) strapped on their space boots and hustled in the greatest race for space the world has ever seen (since the actual space race).

We’ve heard of all sorts of exciting cosmonaut campaigns to get more space, like the billboarding efforts of these TU Delft students from a galaxy far, far away (the Netherlands).

And no matter your place on the leaderboard (congrats National University of Singapore!), every Space Racer made off with an astronomical haul of spacey goodness. 

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, there’s a lot I’m personally thankful for — good friends, healthy family, and obviously the colossal turkey in the oven as we speak. But what about Dropbox? With all the frenzy both inside and outside our walls, there’s no shortage of things we’re thankful for.

First off, we’re thankful for our first year at our shiny new SF office, and for all the new Dropboxers who’ve joined to help us build the dream (come join us!)

We’re also grateful for our happy developers finding clever new ways to make Dropbox sing.

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New Space Race Leaderboards!

Hey Space Racers!

It’s been a week since the Great Space Race began, and we’ve been amazed at the response we’ve gotten from all over the world! We’ve heard all kinds of stories: from professors posting the rankings in their classrooms to students starting Facebook events to rally their school.

Today, we’re excited to tell you that the competition just got even hotter. We’ve added new leaderboards so you can see how your school stacks up against your fiercest competition. Whether it’s the Pac-12, the Southeastern Conference or the Big Ten, now you can always have an eye on your biggest rival.

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The Great Dropbox Space Race!

Hey everyone!

Ahh, October. Changing colors, rustling leaves, and problematic problem sets can mean only one thing — yup, It’s definitely school o’clock again. As this school year gets into full swing, we’re on a mission to make your life easier by inviting you to the greatest race for space the world has ever seen (you know, aside from the whole moon thing):


The Great Dropbox Space Race!


So you’re probably shaking in your little space boots and wondering, ‘Okay, great. What’s that?’ Well, Space Race is a chance for you to support your school and compete against other schools for eternal glory (by eternal glory we mean up to 25 GB of free Dropbox space for two years).

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