Dropbox is to Ubuntu as eucalyptus is to koalas

As many of you Linux zealots are well aware, Ubuntu 9.10 got released two weeks ago and offers some snazzy improvements over 9.04. While it’s true that 9.10 bundled in a certain syncing app with its release, we just wanted to take this chance to remind y’all that Dropbox works awesomely with 9.10 (…and Windows …and Mac ;D) without any hitches!

The Karmic repository is up and running and ready to add to your apt sources:
deb http://linux.dropbox.com/ubuntu karmic main
deb-src http://linux.dropbox.com/ubuntu karmic main

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Meet the Team! (Part 2)

Hi Dropboxers! it’s time for another installment of Meet the Team! Today we’d like you to meet another member of the client team, and probably the second most famous member of Dropbox; Rian Hunter. Rian originally hails from Miami, Florida, but went to school at MIT with most of the Dropbox team and now works at Dropbox HQ in San Francisco. Many of you may know Rian as the mastermind behind the highly anticipated Linux client for Dropbox, but he is also responsible for much of the seamless user experience when using the Dropbox client on your computer.

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Penguin Love!

Quick update on Linux support. Dropbox now officially supports Ubuntu 8.10 :-). The latest release (0.6.416) resolves the last of the Intrepid specific issues we know of. The Intrepid repository up and running and ready to add to your apt sources.

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