Crunchies Part 2

The results are in, and we’re a finalist for best new web startup of 2008!  It’d mean the world to us if you could vote for us (We promise this will be the last time). Oh! I almost forgot– You can vote once a day until January 5th. Thanks!

We've got a case of the Crunchies…

Hey everyone!  For those of you not familiar with the Crunchies, here’s a heads up:

The 2008 Crunchies is our second annual competition and award ceremony to recognize and celebrate the most compelling startups, internet and technology innovations of the year.

Readers are invited to nominate their favorite product or company in each of the fifteen award categories below. Readers can vote once a day until nominations end Wednesday, December 10, 2008 Midnight PST.

Five finalists will be selected for each award category and popular voting will run from December 15 – January 5,

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Happy Thanksgiving!

The Dropbox Team is thankful for the following things:

1.  Happy users!

2.  Rock Band

3.  2 hour long meetings that take place on a ping pong table

4.  Being able to work in a colorful city alongside other great startups and people

5.  Katana-ya, the Japanese restaurant open ’til 2AM located 3 blocks from our office

6.  Lastly, we’re thankful for people who are thankful for us.

So, what are all of you thankful for?

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We’re always amazed by the creative ways people find to use Dropbox, so as coders, this one struck as particularly awesome. Instructions shamelessly stolen from a Dropbox user :).

Being a tiny startup looking for ways to save money, we discovered the best, cheapest bug tracking software out there. It’s dropbox (or dropbugz). Simply make a folder called “bugs” in your dropbox and put a “done” directory in it.-Each bug is a .txt file whose name is the description of the bug.

-Dropbox keeps track of who creates / edits files so if someone botches a description you can always figure out who wrote it up and when.

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On Giants, Oscilloscopes, and Dreams

Wow!  What a crazy couple of weeks this has been.  Some of you may not know me. My name is Michael Nagy, and I’m a geek.  I’m a stone cold, dyed in the wool geek.  I’m an “I played with an oscilloscope as a child” geek.  I stumbled across Dropbox when it hit Digg, and signed up for the beta.  When I eventually got invited, I knew I had found something cool.  When I started talking to the Dropboxers I knew I had found something special.  Fast forward around 3000 forum posts and many client/service updates later, and I was invited to come to San Francisco to attend the Dropbox launch party,

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