A Link to the Past

So your pals back at Kokiri Forest have been sending you a ton of Dropbox links to their photos and folders. But you’ve been trekking across the plains of Hyrule, braving water temples, and you know, vanquishing evil. It’s awesome getting all these links, but who has the time to keep track of them all?

Well, have we got a big chest for you: starting today, you can see all the shared links you’ve recently visited in a brand new ‘From others’ tab! Ba-dah-dahn-dahhh!

Everything you’ve visited in your Dropbox link journey will be collected in one place.

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Discover the new Dropbox menu on your computer

Hey everyone!

Life (in Dropbox) moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. And with all the stuff you’ve got goin’ on, we figured it’d be handy for you to keep track of all your exploits in one place: the Dropbox menu!


We’ve made it easier than ever to accept invitations to shared folders, see links or albums that people have shared with you, and keep tabs on what’s changed in your Dropbox.

If someone shares a link with you,

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Meet the Dropbox Chooser: a new way to add stuff from Dropbox

As you make your way around the web, you’re bound to come across ‘attach’, ‘upload’ and ‘add file’ buttons pretty often.  Right now, most of these only let you choose stuff from your computer, and you need to upload again if you make any changes. Lame.

Enter the Dropbox Chooser: a new way for developers to let you access the photos, docs and videos in your Dropbox from any web application, and keep them updated. We recently announced that you could share from Dropbox inside Facebook Groups, and with the Dropbox Chooser,

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Drag and drop it like it’s hot!

Wanna see something awesome? If you use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, you can now upload files by dragging them from your desktop onto the Dropbox website. After Dropbox detects the upload, it’ll work its magic to get your stuff wherever you need it. This is just a small step toward giving you a simpler (and more fun!) dropbox.com.


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We've refreshed the Dropbox mobile website!

It’s been a while (3 years, in fact!) since we last took a look at our mobile web interface — but better late than never! Today, we’re upgrading the mobile website experience for a bunch of devices, including iPhone, Android (2.1+), and Windows Phone 7 , so you can always have your Dropbox on the go. Our intern Cathy has single-handedly revamped the look and feel, added your favorite features from the Dropbox website, and tested thoroughly for a smooth experience. You’re awesome, Cathy! You can visit the new mobile web interface at http://www.dropbox.com/m

For starters,

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