University Insights: Linguists and shutterbugs

Welcome to the fourth and final post in our Dropbox University Insights series. In these posts, we’ve been taking aggregated usage data* from Dropbox users at universities around the world, and surfacing interesting trends.

For our closing Insights post we’re taking a look at two different forms of communication: one old, and one relatively new. For most of us, language is our default method of communication — be it written, spoken, or signed. But photographs can be a powerful communication tool as well, especially in the digital age with tools like Instagram and Snapchat.

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The Campus Cup leaderboard is live!

Every day, millions of university students around the world rely on Dropbox to get their work done. They’re using Dropbox to contribute to group projects, turn in assignments, and work with their campus organizations. Those same students are also using Dropbox to enrich their lives by applying for internships, planning trips abroad, and sharing memories with friends.

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