The Verge Talks Hack Week 2014

Last week we showed you how Dropboxers approach big problems during Hack Week. This week, Nathan Ingraham from The Verge shared his perspective, including a preview of projects he saw at Hack Week 2014. Take a look.

These projects are kind of like concept cars. They represent ways we’re thinking about enhancing Dropbox and simplifying technology. Some concepts make it into our products, some will open doors to bigger ideas, and some immediately benefit our community.

You may recognize current Dropbox features that debuted as past Hack Week projects, such as:

Check out The Verge for more info on projects from Hack Week 2014.

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Overheard @ Hack Week: Thursday

Dropbox Hack Week is an event where Dropboxers get back to their roots and explore their wildest, most innovative ideas. We’re taking you behind the scenes to give you a sneak peek into how we hack. 

Things are getting very real at Hack Week. Prototypes are being tested, and the finish line is in sight. A common question on people’s minds is, “how well will we finish?” It’s the final countdown.

Here’s what some of our teams had to say on the day before the Hack Week deadline:

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Dropbox Hack Week: getting back to our roots

Every year around Dropbox’s birthday, we revisit the spirit of shooting for the moon in an event we call Hack Week. It’s a chance for us to break from routine and explore our wildest ideas, whether or not they’re a part of our normal day jobs. Instead of talking about what could work, we put our heads down and try to make things work. Year after year, we surprise ourselves with what we can get done in five days.

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