Dropbox for Mountain Lion

We just added support for OS X Mountain Lion to our latest version of Dropbox. Today’s release is another way that we’re making sure that Dropbox just works on all your devices — even the brand spanking newest ones!

If you’re using a Mac, we’ll be auto-updating your Dropbox over the next week so you’ll be covered if you upgrade to Mountain Lion. Or you can download the latest version of Dropbox right now.


Your photos, simplified (Part II)

Remember back in February, we announced a whole set of features to make it easy to bring all your photos and videos together in one place? Well since then, lots of folks have been using our Android app to automatically upload mobile pictures of their vacation and videos of their dog — we’ve even heard tales of Dropbox saving the day when phones completely died!

Today we’re ready to tell the second part in our photos story: now with Dropbox you can automatically upload from just about any camera, tablet, SD card or smartphone — pretty much anything that takes photos or videos!

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Your photos, simplified (Part 1)

Hey everyone!

You’ve been there. After a long night out, you left your phone in the cab. Or maybe you went canoeing and sent your camera for a swim. Buying a new one hurts, but the worst part is that all those photos and videos are long gone. Even when nothing bad happens, it’s no fun having to track down photos spread across your computers, your PowerShot, or that old cracked phone.

We’re excited to share a simple new way to help you bring all your photos and videos together in one place. It doesn’t matter what kind of camera or phone you have.

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Dropbox hits 1.0!

We’re super excited to announce the new hotness that we’ve been cooking up for the past few months: Dropbox 1.0! In addition to hundreds (yep, hundreds) of bug fixes, vastly reduced resource usage (think of it as the Prius model of Dropbox), Dropbox 1.0 (“Rainbow Shell”) also offers support for extended attributes, selective sync, and a shiny new installation wizard. Those are just the CliffsNotes though — here’s the true story behind Dropbox 1.0:

Our highest quality yet – When you’re shipping software to millions of people, a problem that affects even 1 out of 10,000 is a big deal.

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