Building a dream house together: How Marco and Irene use Dropbox

Almost everyone daydreams about building the perfect home someday, but what does it take to actually do it? For Marco and Irene, a married couple living in Italy, it took patience, persistence, and a lot of paperwork to make their dream home a reality. But with a little help from Dropbox, they were able to stay organized along the way.

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Meet the food blogger who uses Dropbox Pro for everything but the kitchen sink

Phoebe Lapine has the career that foodies everywhere dream of: she spends her days cooking, photographing, and writing about food — then eating it. The professional chef, blogger, and published author contributes to publications like Food and Wine magazine, and has a second book coming out in 2017. It’s safe to say that Phoebe has no shortage of food-related projects — which means she has no shortage of photos, articles, and recipes to share and keep track of. For this, she uses Dropbox Pro. Here’s how.

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Dropbox for Android: Share photos in a snap!

We’ve just launched a nifty little update for Dropbox on your Android devices that makes it super easy to share collections of photos with friends and family.

Choose your favorite photos and videos from family gatherings, show off the amazing soufflé you created with friends, or highlight your mad snowboarding skills with gorgeous albums that everyone can enjoy from their computers, tablets or phones – no Dropbox account required!

From the Photos tab, tap the button on the top right, and select the pictures you want to share.

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Dropbox for Android: now starring your photos!

Just in case our announcement earlier this week wasn’t enough, we’ve got some more photos magic ready for you!

We’ve created a new photos gallery in our Dropbox Android app that puts your pictures front and center and displays them beautifully. Now it’s even easier to flip through all of the photos you’ve automatically uploaded to Dropbox and share them in a snap! And since our Camera Upload feature lets you gather all your photos in one spot, you’ll even see pictures you’ve taken with other cameras. Check it out:



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Your photos, simplified (Episode IV)

We’re hard at work to make it easier for you to view your photos on the go, either through the Dropbox app on your phone or on In the spring, we introduced ways to bring all of your photos and videos to one place, both on Android phones and on your iPhone or iPad. Today, we’re super excited to announce that we’ve also improved the viewing experience for photos on your phone’s browser!

Now, you can view your photos from mobile phones (like your friend’s Droid) through and relive the memories (like from last weekend at the cantina) as easily and vividly as you would from your computer!

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Your photos, simplified (Part III)

We’re happy to announce that we’ve rolled out the third part of our photos story:  now you can automatically upload all the photos and videos you take with your iPhone or iPad to Dropbox!

Don’t worry about losing those once-in-a-lifetime shots, no matter what happens to your iPhone. Get the latest Dropbox app for iOS and simply turn on the camera upload feature. When you open the app, photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad are saved to Dropbox at their original size and quality in a private Camera Uploads folder. It’s easy to flip through all your automatically uploaded photos and videos in the Photos section of the Dropbox website.

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