How to increase focus at work in 5 steps

It’s a familiar story. You arrive at work, eager to get started on a new project. Then the distractions begin: a handful of emails, a chatty colleague, a personal errand, a trip to the coffee klatch. You keep trying to concentrate, but for one reason or another, you can’t stay on task.

We know the feeling. That’s why we set out to find some smart tips for increasing concentration at work. Sometimes it just takes a few small adjustments to go from scattered to focused.

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Spend less time searching, more time getting work done with Smart Sync

Imagine how much more you could get done if you could trade file-tracking time for hours devoted to mission-critical work. If you and your team have tried to save disk space by storing files in USB disks or external hard drives—or avoided syncing a folder from the cloud because it’s too big—you’ve created unnecessary walls between your work. Here’s how Smart Sync can help your team get more out of Dropbox by letting you put more into it.

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Do these 6 morning routines to jumpstart your productivity

Ever felt like your whole morning slipped by before you got any real work done? Have you woken up grouchy, then felt grumpy all day? Unproductive days often have a sneaky culprit: a bad morning routine.

With this in mind, we set out to find a few simple morning habits with proven track records—routines backed by studies, endorsed by experts, or practiced by successful entrepreneurs. Here are six ways you can start your morning to make for a more productive day.

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Multitasking won’t make you more productive. Here’s what will.

Only a few years ago, multitasking seemed like the only way to get things done. The more we had on our plates, the more it made sense to try to keep every plate spinning at the same time. Now we know multitasking actually slows us down and can reduce our productivity by up to 40%. Our lives aren’t getting less busy, though. So what can you do to get work done effectively? Here are five tips to help you improve your focus and turn complicated projects into easy-to-tackle tasks.

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